Replacement Part Instructions & Parts Identification Documents

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Phone: 1-800-846-9659
Fax: 574-231-7131

Also note:

  • All warranty authorization must come from the EQ Systems warranty department.
  • Technical support is available after hours in cases of emergency.
  • All EQ Systems hydraulics systems use Dexron ATF Fluid.

*Info needed for tech support: Vehicle year, make, model, floor plan. EQ pump model number, touchpad number, etc. Also original date of retail purchase, if warranty.

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7093 Leg Switch Upgrade Instructions

Air Compressor Replacement EQ# 7004 – Compressor used on Auto/Air systems. Used on 2004-05 Fleetwood and 2004-07 Travel Supreme coaches. (obsolete)

Bi-Rot DV-2 Kit – EQ# 7493 – Installation Instructions

Check Valve Replacement – Replacement instructions for changing the check valve in an MTE hydraulic pump

EL PAC Switch – EQ# 7779 – Instructions for replacement of rotary switch on EL PACs

Forest River Diesel Dual Slide Cylinder Kit – EQ# 7257 – Instructions for removing the timing shafts and adding a second cylinder.

Forest River Diesel Slide-out Timing Shaft Replacement Guide

Leg Switch Replacement Instructions – EQ# 7093 – Kit of 4 switches. EQ# 7514 – Individual switch.

Motor – EQ# 7088 Replacement Instructions – This gold colored motor may be larger than the black motor you are replacing. Use these instructions.

Motor Replacement Instructions

Pump & Manifold Fluid Leakage

Reservoir Replacement Chart – Use this chart to find your model.

SL Jack Leg Assemblies Replacement Instructions

Slide Cylinder Anti-Creep Valve – EQ# 7401 Installation photo

Solenoid – EQ# 7055 Replacement – Motorhomes: Instructions for replacing a smart start solenoid on Motorhomes.

Solenoid – EQ# 7055 Replacement – Trailers: Instructions for replacing a smart start solenoid on Trailers.

Sync Cylinder and Room Cylinder Replacement and Purge Instructions

Dynamax System Book – Parts identification for Dynamax Models from 2017 to current.

Entegra Book – Parts identification for Entegra Models from 2015 to current.

EQ Systems Motorhome Jack Identification Chart

EQ Systems Slide Cylinder ID

Forest River Diesel Models and Parts – Volume I: Parts identification for Forest River Diesel Models and parts from 2006 to current.

Forest River Diesel Models and Parts – Volume II: Parts identification for Forest River Diesel Models and parts from 2006 to current.

Gulf Stream Conquest Replacement Shaft Identification

Hydraulic Cylinder Identification for Tube-in-Tube Jacks

Jayco Book – Parts identification for Jayco Models 2015 to current.

Motor Identification Chart – Parts list and reference chart for motors.

Motor Solenoid/Contactor/Relay Replacement Chart

Newmar System Book – Parts identification for Newmar Models from 2012 to current.

Nexus Book – Parts identification for Nexus Models.

P8065M TJ Bi-Rot 3-inch

P8222F AM 1-24 F

P8470 AJ 7500

Panel Replacement Form – Part identification for control panel replacement. Fill out and send to an Equalizer service representative.

Replacement Cover Chart

Reservoirs – Parts list for replacement reservoirs.

Switchgear Identification

Valve Replacement