Our Story, EQ Systems

Our Story, EQ Systems. Here at EQ Systems we offer factory installations for OEM, Dealers and retail customers utilizing our brand new wireless lifts to make the installation of your RV system a breeze.

Our Story

Welcome to EQ Systems. Established in 1913 as Days Corporation and currently operating as EQ United, our company has embarked on an extensive journey, delving into various aspects of the business world. Over the years, under the visionary leadership of Jim Sproatt, a forward-thinking and creative individual, we have pushed boundaries and seized opportunities.

EQ Systems

As a result of Jim’s innovative mindset and our continued growth, Equalizer Systems emerged as one of his remarkable legacies. In the newest chapter of our story, we believed it was time for a streamlined approach to how we present ourselves. Our commitment to innovation and providing quality solutions that enhance the lives of our customers, employees, and community remains steadfast.

While our name and branding may have evolved, our core values and mission remain unchanged. We are dedicated to delivering excellence and making a positive impact in everything we do. This is our story, and this is EQ Systems—a testament to our rich history, unwavering principles, and continued commitment to serving our employees and customers with the utmost dedication.

Join us on this exciting journey as we forge ahead, bringing forth new ideas, innovative solutions, and a renewed sense of purpose. Together, we will shape a brighter future and continue making a difference in the lives of those we touch.

We would like to introduce you to our EQ family.

  • EQ United is now our corporate umbrella.
  • EQ Systems is what you have known as Equalizer Systems.
  • EQ Logistics is what you have known as Days Distribution & Logistics.

Thank you for putting your trust in us, now and in the future, as we embark on continuing to provide you with all you have come to expect from us. Welcome to our family. We are EQ.

Quality Products. Great Service. Awesome Company & Staff.

EQ United - Home of EQ Systems, EQ Harness and EQ Logistics. Our Story.
EQ United - Home of EQ Systems, EQ Harness and EQ Logistics. Our Story.
EQ United Our Story

EQ United, committed to fostering unity, collaboration, and progress in our operations, believes in the transformative power of working together. By leveraging the strengths and perspectives of each individual, we create an environment that nurtures innovation, creativity, and personal growth.
Our unwavering commitment to excellence permeates everything we do. Whether it’s delivering top-quality products and services or ensuring exceptional customer experiences, we consistently uphold the highest standards of performance. Our team of dedicated professionals is passionately driven by innovation and an unwavering commitment to surpassing expectations and delivering results.