After parking your Class C or Class B motorhome for a relaxing overnight stay and extending your slide room, do you notice leaning and swaying? This all-too-common annoyance is usually not noticeable until you begin walking about inside the camper after you extend the slide room.

EQ Systems of Elkhart, Indiana, offers the STABI-LITE® Stabilizer System. This product is for Class C and Class B motorhomes. Not only are they easy to operate, but this system eliminates the inevitable leaning that occurs once you fully extend the slide room. The STABI-LITE system helps to eliminate the sway that often occurs as occupants move throughout the coach.

The STABI-LITE Stabilizer System from EQ Systems is designed to fit the Ford E-350, Ford E-450, or Chevrolet C-5500 chassis and Sprinter Class C chassis.

A STABI-LITE Stabilizer System comes complete with:

  • 2 stabilizer jacks
  • Clamping mounts
  • Hardware for mounting
  • Complete wire harnesses
  • System controller and switch pad

The entire system with two stabilizing jacks weighs less than 80 lbs.

What are the Advantages of the STABI-LITE® Stabilizer System?

The system stabilizes and levels your motorhome with your slide room extended. Therefore providing greater comfort and enjoyment. Furthermore, the STABI-LITE Stabilizer System has these additional benefits.

  • Employs a low-profile design that decreases the required height between the ground and the bottom of the vehicle.
  • The clamp-style mount eliminates the need for welding or drilling.
  • Chassis specific design to minimize installation time and ensure stability.
  • One-touch automatic operation


The plant pressure is adjustable by the end-user to assure proper stability. Each system comes with Installation and Operation Manuals to ensure proper and safe implementation.

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