STABI-LITE® Electric Sprinter Class C



EQ Systems introduces a new stabilizing system designed specifically for Class C and Class B motorhomes. If you are tired of your coach leaning when the slide room is extended or fed up with the constant swaying that results when you walk around in your coach, let STABI-LITE® stabilize your RV.

This kit is designed to fit any Sprinter Chassis

Product Brochure

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  • Eliminates coach lean when slide is extended
  • Clamp style mount requires no welding or drilling to install
  • Convenient, one-touch automatic operation
  • Eliminates nearly all sway resulting from coach movement
  • Low profile design decreases height required by traditional systems
  • Complete system weight of less than 80 lbs.
  • Chassis specific design reduces installation time

System Includes:

  •  Set of two stabilizer jacks and risers
  •  Clamping mounts for each stabilizer assembly
  •  All necessary mounting hardware
  •  Complete system wire harnesses
  •  System controller and switch pad