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Given the complexities of today’s electricity-driven and controlled equipment, the necessary wiring can become very complicated. However, professionally installed custom-made wire harnesses are the perfect solution. Wire harnesses channel multiple electrical conduits within a protective outer coating to provide safety and durability in various formats for your electronic needs.

What is a Custom Wire Harness?

A wire harness offers much-needed organization for wiring. They also act as an integrated conduit that guides each wire to its correct destination. A wire harness may provide multiple “breakouts” to various directions or functions.

As such, wire harness has become essential in a wide range of applications. A current late-model automobile, for example, uses thousands of wire harnesses weighing up to 150 pounds to provide safe and durable electronic connectivity. Each harness makes the manufacture and repairs a much simpler process. 

Having custom wire harness solutions allows you to ensure your electrical components are safe and reliable.

Benefits of High-Quality Custom Wire Harnesses

Top-grade custom wire harnesses offer many benefits depending on the type and extent of the applications. These advantages include:

  • Saving Time

Installation time is significantly reduced as the wiring process is simplified.

  • Saving Space

When wiring is compacted into a single harness, the potential for coming loose and “getting in the way” is eliminated. By consolidating wires into a relatively dense format there is more unobstructed space available for other details. 

  • Safety and Protection 

Loose wiring is likely to impact the reliability of equipment’s operation and cause electrical issues. Loose wires are also a significant safety hazard. Combining and insulating wiring with a wire harness to prevent exposure is critical.

  • Customizable

Custom wire harnesses from EQ Harness mean that you get a fabricated and organized wire harness to fit your specific needs.

EQ Harness Custom Wiring Harness Services

With over two decades of wire management experience, the expert technicians at EQ Harness, part of EQ Systems, have the knowledge and the equipment to provide state-of-the-art custom wire harness production for any size project.

EQ’s services include:

  • Built to spec
  • Automatic wire stripping to ensure proper strip length for all terminals and connectors
  • Ultrasonic weld splices
  • Made in the USA
  • Heat shrinking with adhesives to seal the splice for total water resistance
  • Electrical testing by using the company’s Cirris 1000 tester
  • Nylon high temp braid secures the wires and cables against scraping, chafing, vibration, weather, and abrasion

EQ Harness’ custom manufacturing process specializes in Ultrasonic Weld Splicing using Stapla welding equipment. Their experienced technicians offer flexible and custom designs for copper wire applications in virtually any cross-sectional size.

With an extensive lineup of state-of-the-art machinery and applicators, EQ Harness is committed to investing in people and equipment to continue to lead the way in wire harness disciplines.

Contact EQ Harness, part of EQ Systems, for Professional Wire Harness Needs

EQ Harness offers superior technical skills, equipment, and commitment to quality for custom, high-quality wire harness projects of any size. This can include harnesses from only a few inches to many feet in length. They can also add a variety of quick disconnects, multi-pin connectors, terminal blocks, water and corrosion-resistant housings, and even special one-off specialty connectors. All products will be guaranteed to meet your needs.

Visit the EQ Harness website to learn more about EQ Systems’ custom wire harnesses. You can click on the Contact Us button to complete a brief information form, and one of our professionals will reach out to you.

Or you may call 1-800-846-9659.