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574-264-3437 | 1-800-846-9659
For more information: Contact EQ United Director of Marketing, Rachel Little at 800-846-9659 or at rlittle@equnited.us

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EQ Systems, a one-stop solution for lifting and leveling for RVs and Trailers, is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with S.M. Osgood, a distinguished name in sales expertise. This strategic collaboration is set to enhance EQ Systems’ already thriving in-house sales team, bringing in added experience and industry know-how when it comes to sales initiatives and relationships.

“At EQ Systems, we believe in the power of collaboration. We look forward to working together with the S.M. Osgood Company on added sales strategies. Our seasoned and experienced sales force, now bolstered by the expertise of S.M. Osgood, is ready to tackle new challenges and explore additional growth opportunities.”, Jason Loose, COO, EQ United.

This partnership signifies a strong commitment to delivering top-notch solutions and unparalleled service to valued customers. With a shared dedication to excellence and a proven track record of success, both companies are confident that this partnership will yield remarkable results.

“S.M. Osgood is excited to partner with EQ Systems and their quality and innovative line of leveling systems, wire harnesses, and other in-house capabilities.  Both EQ Systems and S.M. Osgood bring value-added qualities to the market including experts in sales, consultation, and technical support.  We look forward to mutual success with our valued OEM accounts.”, Kelli Bowman, General Manager, S.M. Osgood Company

EQ Systems is in Cassopolis, MI, just a few minutes north of Elkhart, IN.

About EQ Systems:

EQ Systems, formerly known as Equalizer Systems, has been around since the 1990s and provides lifting and leveling solutions to the RV, horse trailer, motorsports, and custom markets, as well as custom wire harnesses and battery cables for many industries with the EQ Harness brand.

About S.M. Osgood Company:

S.M. Osgood Company is a respected name in the field of sales expertise, known for its exceptional track record of achieving sales success by providing top-level service through customer support, engineering and marketing.  With a team of experienced sales professionals, S.M. Osgood specializes in enhancing development strategies and helping businesses achieve their growth objectives.

EQ United: 55169 CR3 North | Elkhart, IN 46514 | 1-800-424-8117

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EQ Systems: 19300 Grange St | Cassopolis, MI 49031 | 574-264-3437 | 1-800-846-9659