Leveling system on an RV.

Imagine living in a home where your floors are significantly slanted throughout. Things roll off tabletops, and furniture slides when the slightest pressure is applied. Walking around is also difficult, particularly when carrying your morning coffee or that evening glass of wine. An uneven footing causes these issues and many more in an RV or camper trailer. Here’s how leveling can help.

Making sure your RV or camper is level once you park at that perfect campsite is essential for many reasons. The primary one is the life and functionality of the vehicle itself. Knowledgeable campers invest in easy-to-use EQ Smart-Level Systems to make camping more comfortable and avoid some structural and practical problems that camping on uneven ground will cause.

How Parking Without Leveling Creates Problems

Campers sometimes hesitate to invest in leveling systems. Over time, however, each will realize the problems parking in an uneven position can cause. 

Here are some of the issues that will result when parking your RV or camper trailer on uneven ground without leveling:

Stress on the Frame

If a camper trailer or RV is parked for an extended period on uneven ground, the resulting torque tries to bend the structure out of its normal position. The chassis and component areas like door frames and plumbing will sustain stress from this. These stresses eventually shorten the effective life of the vehicle. Stressed areas require extensive repairs to keep them functioning. In these examples, doors will stop closing correctly, and the water within the system may not flow as it should.

Proper leveling relieves those imbalances and will allow for longer, more effective performance.

Hampered Slideouts

Slideouts are terrific features that enhance the space and add convenience to the camping adventure. The problem is that they work best when the vehicle is level. Operating slideouts while parked on uneven surfaces can create unwanted stress on the metal parts and mechanics that will require repairs later. This stress can cause the slide mechanisms to break, leaving your slideout stuck in a single position.

Think About the Refrigerator

Refrigerators in RVs are designed to operate in a balanced, level position. Tilting caused by a slanted parking place causes the refrigerant solution to accumulate unnecessarily in a single area. This causes interference that can result in excessive overheating or freezing. Continuous use like this will cause the refrigerator to stop working altogether.

Fluid Level Readings

An RV positioned on the ground that is not level will cause fluid gauges to read incorrectly. Thus, owners believe that all tanks have been emptied before returning home. This can cause many potential issues, especially when parking your RV or camper for an extended period in storage.

EQ Systems’ EQ Smart-Level Systems

Situated in Cassopolis, Michigan, only about 100 miles east of Metropolitan Chicago, EQ Systems offers a variety of high-tech, easy-to-use, and affordable EQ Smart-Level systems for a full range of RVs and camper trailers. 

Professionally installed and operational, these systems allow RVers to park and perfectly level their camping vehicles in minutes.

For fifth wheel camping rigs, EQ Systems has the ideal solution with their 4-Point Fifth Wheel EQ Smart-Level System. This highly efficient, 4-point EQ Smart-Level system works on just about every 5th-wheel model. 

More efficient than the electric jack system and rear manual stabilizer jacks, this system allows RVers to operate the front two jacks together or independently to get your trailer off the truck for easy unhooking and hooking up your camper.

Also, the EQ Smart-Level System allows you to level your coach with your smartphone by using the built-in Bluetooth capability.

To learn more about EQ Systems’ menu of Smart-Level Systems, visit their Online Store or call the EQ Systems professionals at 1-800-846-9659 for answers to your questions.