You have finally arrived at that idyllic destination after spending much of your day dealing with traffic and construction delays. The last thing you need now is to struggle and maneuver to make your motorcoach perfectly level. Luckily, with EQ Systems’ Smart-Level System, the leveling process is automatic and complete only minutes after your arrival. This allows you to set up with ease so you can enjoy your vacation.

What is the EQ Smart-Level System?

EQ Systems of Cassopolis, Michigan, specializes in a full range of solutions for motorhomes, 5th wheels, horse and motorsports trailers, commercial, agriculture, and specialty industries, including specially designed lifting, stabilizing, and leveling equipment.

EQ’s Smart-Level System is an adaptable, easy-to-operate system using jacks. These jacks automatically raise, lower, and adjust the vehicle’s chassis to create a level attitude for campers and motorhomes. The Control Panel inside the motorhome allows for automatic and manual adjustments. With some configurations, the system may connect with Bluetooth on your Android or iPhone for handheld operation.

An EQ Systems Smart-Level System will not only simplify your experience but will protect your equipment from the stresses of being on uneven ground for an extended period.

How Does the EQ Smart-Level System Work?

You arrive at the ideal spot and set the direction of your camper to match your preferences. Unsurprisingly, the perfect spot is almost never level, so anything inside your camper will tend to roll, or your RV’s slide out will likely not operate properly, which can cause issues.

However, if you have an EQ Smart-Level System, adjusting your camper to a level orientation is simple.

Here’s How To Operate the EQ Smart Level Quick Start:

Leveling Your RV

  • Park the vehicle, set the brake, and in most cases, shut off the ignition. In some instances, the motor should stay on to operate, simply refer to your system’s operations manual.
  • Using the simple-to-operate EQ Smart-Level Keypad Control Panel/EQ Smart-Level App, press the POWER Button. 
  • If the four directional lights in the center of the keypad are on, press the ALL-RETRACT Button before starting. This will readjust all jacks to their start position.
  • Once the lights are off, press AUTO LEVEL. The keypad will beep continuously while the jacks adjust to the correct positions.
  • Once all jacks finish positioning, you will hear two distinct beeps. These indicate that the job is done and the vehicle is now in a level position.
  • Press the POWER button to turn the systems off and enjoy your getaway.

Retracting the EQ Smart-Level System

  • Press the POWER button to turn the system on when you are ready to leave. If the vehicle has air-ride suspension, you may need to start the engine to build sufficient air pressure before you begin again.
  • Press the ALL RETRACT button, which will activate the retraction process. The four lights on the keypad will turn on, and the beeping will commence while the jacks retract.
  • Once the jacks fully retract, the four lights will go out and the beeping will stop. 
  • Visually inspect to ensure all jacks are in their proper travel position before moving the vehicle.

The EQ Systems QUICK START Operations Video is a great resource, and we recommend that you watch it before operating for the first time. This video clearly demonstrates the ease and simplicity of the system.

Contact EQ Systems 

EQ Systems offers a wide range of durable, highly functional lifting and leveling systems for commercial, agricultural, and recreational vehicles. 

For motorhomes and campers, EQ Smart-Level Systems eliminate a common, long-standing headache that most travelers face. Within minutes of arriving, you will have parked, leveled your vehicle, extended your slide out, and settled into your destination environment.

To learn more about EQ Systems’ many labor and equipment saving options, visit the EQ website, or you may phone one of the EQ Systems professionals to discuss your needs at +1-800-846-9659.