EQ Smart-Level System

Fitment for #8106UPS, #8135A, #8516UPS, #8651UPS, #8735UPS, #8735NUPS


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Phone: 1-800-846-9659

Also note:

  • All warranty authorization must come from the EQ Systems warranty department.
  • All EQ Systems hydraulics systems use Dexron ATF Fluid.

*Info needed for tech support: Vehicle year, make, model, floor plan. EQ pump model number, touchpad number, etc. Also original date of retail purchase, if warranty.

Fitment for the following systems:

Fitment for EQ Smart-Level Systems:

  • #8106UPS Class C EQ Smart-Level (Ford & Chevy Chassis)
  • #8135A Class A EQ Smart-Level 4 Point System (Diesel)
  • #8516UPS Class A EQ Smart-Level 4 Point System
  • #8651UPS EQ Smart-Level 4 Point System (Straight Leg 4/15)
  • #8735UPS Jayco Redhawk EQ Smart-Level System 2015 or 2016
  • #8735NUPS Jayco Redhawk EQ Smart-Level System 2016 and Newer

*Typical pump placement is in the center of the coach mounted to the inside of the frame.

*Battery Type and Size A minimum group 24 RV/marine-type battery is recommended. Battery rating should be a minimum 100 RC (Reserve capacity) with a 500 CCA (Cold Cranking Amperage). The higher these numbers the better. Common types are flooded lead acid, Gel, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat). Note: Some lithium batteries are not suited for this application. As they cannot provide the high running amperage and surges. Check with the battery supplier/manufacturer for info on this. *

Please note: Installation of our EQ Smart-Level system is intended to be performed by someone familiar with hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical systems, in addition to workplace safety. Installation will require ramps/vehicle lift.

*The brackets for this system are two different designs. The front brackets are a full “C- shape”, and the rear brackets are an “L-shape”. The front brackets are mounted to the outside of the frame rail. The rear brackets are fitted into the inside of the frame rail, hence the “L” shape. *

*If you have a Chevy Chassis 4500 you will also need a pair of brackets (Part# 70466) for the front jacks. Please call if you have questions.

Fitment For Class C