SnapPad EQ Stable


Looking for SnapPad EQ Stable? Look no further! Shop EQ Systems to get the parts you need.


Introducing the NEW 8 inch square EQ SnapPad 

The 8 inch Square SnapPad fits ANY foot that has square or rounded corners.

One Square 8 inch SnapPad is included this kit. If you have a dual hydraulic jack system you will need to purchase two 8 inch square SnapPads. 

SnapPad Benefits

  • Permanent jack pad- no more blocks
  • Adds unparalleled stability on all terrains
  • Protects your jack feet from vibrations and reduces slippage
  • Prevents damage to your concrete and asphalt

Installation Happens in a Snap

Installing SnapPads takes less than 5 minutes, and stay permanently attached.

Step 1: Line up your SnapPad

Step 2: Lower your jack

Step 3: Listen for the ‘snap’

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