EQ Systems Hydraulic Jack Options

With a variety of lifting capacities and stroke lengths available, EQ Systems can provide Hydraulic Jack Options that fits your needs and specifications. These rugged, American-made jacks can be purchased as part of a lifting/leveling system or individually to be added to your existing hydraulic system.

Straight Leg

  • Powder coated
  • Ideal for limited ground clearance
  • Lightweight

Available Straight Leg Sizes

Capacity (each jack)7.5k lbs7.5k lbs7.5k lbs12k lbs17.5k lbs17.5k lbs
Cylinder Bore2.5˝
Stroke Length11˝13˝15˝16˝18˝24˝
Retracted Length15˝17˝21˝21.3125˝23˝29.25˝
Extended Length26˝30˝36˝37.0625˝40.75˝53.25˝
Weight18 lbs20 lbs26 lbs30 lbs46 lbs56 lbs

Tube in Tube Jack

Hydraulic Jack Options
  • Adjustable mounting height
  • Heavy-duty swivel foot pad
  • Powder coated
  • Outer tubes protect the cylinder from lateral movement
  • Custom mounting options
  • Weld or bolt-on applications
  • Fittings on the outside for easy access

Available Tube in Tube Leg Sizes

Capacity (each jack)8k lbs12k lbs17k lbs25k lbs35k lbs40k lbs
Dimension3.5˝ x 3.5˝4˝ x 4˝4.5˝ x 4.5˝5˝ x 5˝5.5˝ x 5.5˝6.625˝ x 6.625˝
Cylinder Bore2.5˝3.5˝4.5˝
Stroke Length24˝16˝20˝24˝30˝20˝16˝20˝24˝30˝20˝16˝
Retracted Length35.375˝27.25˝31.25˝35.25˝41.25˝33.125˝27.375˝31.375˝35.375˝41.375˝32.5˝32.75˝
Extended Length59.375˝42.3125˝50.3125˝58.3125˝70.3125˝53.125˝42.75˝50.75˝58.75˝70.75˝52.5˝48.75˝
Weight75 lbs67 lbs76 lbs85 lbs98 lbs108 lbs116 lbs103 lbs130 lbs135 lbs167 lbs170 lbs