EQ Smart-Level Bluetooth Privacy Policy



Phone: 1-800-846-9659
Fax: 574-231-7131

Also note:

  • All warranty authorization must come from the Equalizer Systems warranty department.
  • All Equalizer Systems hydraulics systems use Dexron ATF Fluid.

*Info needed for tech support: Vehicle year, make, model, floor plan. Equalizer pump model number, touchpad number, etc. Also original date of retail purchase, if warranty.

EQ Smart-Level no nonsense privacy policy

The EQ Smart-Level app does not collect or store your personal data.

The EQ Smart-Level app requires permission to activate Bluetooth.

Permission to access location must also be granted. This is because whenever Bluetooth is enabled, Bluetooth beacons could be used to determine the location of your Android device. Granting your permission for location is the way Android makes you aware of this possibility.

The EQ Smart-Level app also requires permission to read the state of your phone. This phone state information is used to control when the EQ Smart-Level app should play sounds. If the phone is in use, EQ Smart-Level will not play sounds.

Permission is also requested to record audio. The EQ Smart-Level app does not record audio, and this permission requirement will be removed in future versions of the EQ Smart-Level app.